If your hair is kinky, curly, or coily – chances are that you use heat tools to style your hair from time to time. As we all know, heat can cause damage to natural hair. That’s why heat protectants are so important for Black hair.

Without heat protectants, your natural hair could become dry and brittle, or even start to break off. Fortunately, there are great heat protectant products available that can help you protect your natural hair whether you are blow-drying, straightening, or using a curling iron.

The 7 Best Heat Protectants for Black Hair

Here at Melaviews, we are crazy about these 7 heat protectants that are perfect for Black hair of all lengths, textures, and styles.

1. MIZANI Style Shifter Society Protectant Spray

MIZANI’s Style Shifter Society protectant spray is a thoughtful blend of natural ingredients that are kind to our environment. This spray is lightweight and protects hair at temperatures of up to 450 degrees. With a UV filter built-in, you don’t have to worry about protecting your hair from the sun either. MIZANI’s protectant spray is rated for texture styles 8-4. It has a light fragrance of mandarin and grapefruit and promises a glossy shine.

2. Cantu Shea Butter Thermal Shield Heat Protectant

Cantu offers a great Shea Butter Thermal Shield heat protectant serum that is perfect for all hair types, including color-treated hair. The serum is sleek and hydrating and protects hair from heat up to 425 degrees. With an affordable price point, Cantu is a fantastic option for most shoppers.

3. Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil has a slightly higher price point than many heat protectants, but there is a reason why so many people love this product. The No 7 Bonding Oil contains Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, which seeks out broken bonds in your hair and rebuilds them. Even though you are applying heat, this product will help protect and repair damaged hair! The lightweight, non-greasy formula is great for all hair types and styles and protects against heat.

4. Briogeo Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Protection & Heat Protectant Crème

Briogeo’s Farewell Frizz hair protectant is perfect if you want great protection in a cream, rather than a spray. This cream is multipurpose as it minimizes frizz and protects against heat of up to 450 degrees. It is ideal for wavy, curly, or coily hair. Farewell Frizz is lightweight but offers protection for up to 48 hours.

5. Design Essentials Natural Agave & Lavender Weightless Thermal Protectant Serum

Design Essentials offers a great all-natural hair protectant serum that is great for Black hair. Unlike many serums, Design Essentials does not leave a greasy feel to your hair. There are not harsh ingredients to weigh your hair down or leave your locks looking dull. Instead, the all-natural formula seals in moisture and provides a brilliant shine. The Natural Agave & Lavender Weightless Thermal Protectant Serum has great reviews online for the formula and affordable price point.

6. Silk Elements MegaSilk Olive Heat Protection Spray

If you use heat a lot, or already have damaged hair, then try out Silk Elements MegaSilk Olive Heat Protection Spray. This spray is more than just a heat protectant – it also decreases frizz and helps smooth out damaged hair shafts. Because it is alcohol-free, your hair won’t feel dry or brittle. One of the great things about this spray is that it makes even unruly hair more manageable, which cuts down on styling time.

7. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer

If you are looking for a great detangler that also moisturizes and protects from heat, then check out Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer. This primer is best applied to wet or damp hair. It has powerful moisturizers that detangle and hydrate your hair. Not only does it protect against heat, but it also has a UV protectant and frizz reducer. What we love about this product is that it is safe for all hair types, including dry, damaged, or color-treated hair.

How We Compiled Our List

Here at Melaviews, we care about what matters to our readers. Black hair deserves all the love and respect for what it is and how fantastic it can be. For our list of heat protectants, we chose products with a range of applications and price points to make sure that every reader has the opportunity to take their natural hair to the next level.

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