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Lifetime. A cable channel that has created its own subculture among women. Since it debuted in 1984, Lifetime has amassed millions of followers. Their primary audience is women who enjoy narratives featuring strong women lead characters. Some women watch the classic lifetime movies during the holidays, and others tune in every day or week for a dose of female screen power.

Lifetime is also a great place to see movies with powerful Black female leads. Black lifetime movies often center around a strong, independent woman who is balancing the hustle of everyday life. Whether you are a mom, a business owner, or a teenager – Lifetime has movies for everyone.

7 Black Lifetime Movies Every Black Woman Has Watched

Looking for a great Black Lifetime movie to watch? Check out our list of 7 Black Lifetime movies that almost every Black woman has watched.

1. Steel Magnolias

Don’t get confused with the Steel Magnolias featuring Dolly Parton that was released in 1989. This Steel Magnolias is a whole new world. In 2012, Lifetime premiered a new version of the classic film, but this one features powerful Black female roles. The remake stars Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rashad, Condola Rashad, and Jill Scott.

2. The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel

This film is based on the true story of The Clark Sisters, a gospel group born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. From their humble beginnings, the sisters build their group and take gospel music to the masses. Eventually, they would go on to produce gospel hits like “Nothing to Lose, All to Gain” and “You Brought the Sunshine.” The Clark Sisters are considered the best-selling gospel group of all time. The movie, which was released in 2020, is Lifetime’s most watched film.

3. Betty & Coretta

For fans of Civil Rights history, Betty & Coretta is a Lifetime movie you must see! Betty & Coretta features Mary J. Blige as Dr. Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X. Angela Bassett plays Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr. The film follows the two women meeting at a convention and bonding over their passion for Civil Rights and their recent losses. In real life, Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King were friends for decades. Bassett and Blige both did an incredible job portraying these historical characters.

4. Salt-N-Pepa

Salt-N-Pepa was one of the first female rap groups to find commercial success. The group began with two new friends who discover a chemistry for music and form a group. Eventually, they would win Grammy Awards and go Platinum. While the movie was released to mixed reviews, we think it is definitely worth a watch if you are a Salt-N-Pepa fan.

5. Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve

For Lifetime Christmas movie fans – Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve must be on your must-watch list. This movie features Kyla Pratt and Brooks Darnell, high school sweethearts. After going their separate ways, the two agree to meet on Christmas Eve two years later. They both fail to keep their Christmas Eve date but run into each other at an unrelated event years later. As the film continues, we find out if they rekindle their romance or move on.

6. Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas

Kirk Franklin is a name that most people who listen to gospel music will know well. He is a powerful leader, singer, songwriter, and choir director. In A Gospel Christmas, Olivia (Demetria McKinney) is an assistant pastor who recently moved to the area. As she balances her work and personal lives, she must learn to lean on those around her. Of course, there are some surprises along the way, including a special appearance by Kirk Franklin.

7. Mahalia

Mahalia Jackson was one of the most influential gospel vocalists of all time. Born in New Orleans in 1911, Mahalia fought for Civil Rights, using her music to inspire people. Her purpose in music was to speak the Word of God to her community. Released in 2021 on Lifetime, Mahalia features Danielle Brooks as Mahalia. The film follows the life and fame of Mahalia, including her activism.

Lifetime is doing a great job of incorporating diverse female characters into their movies. These Lifetime movies are staples for women who love the network. And if you haven’t seen these Black Lifetime movies, our list above is a great place to find entertainment and inspiration.

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