Anime is a hugely popular genre of television and film. And while there are many stereotypes as to the characters that make anime great, there are a lot of characters that are fantastic and never get the hype they really deserve.

Here, we offer a look at 9 Black anime characters who are so great, that they deserve their own series.

Top 9 Black Anime Characters Who Deserve Their Own Series

If you are an anime fan, make sure to check out these series and the characters that we love most (in no particular order):

1. Don Kanonji


The anime series Bleach is incredibly popular. The character we love most isn’t one of the primary protagonists, however. We love Don Kanonji, the loud-mouth TV show host who is a self-proclaimed medium. In the series, Kanonji’s antics are over-the-top and problematic for the ‘heroes’ of the show. But the entertainment value is high, and we can’t get enough.

2. Lenora


Lenora is an archeologist in the anime series Pokémon. Lenora is the director of the Nacrene Museum and has an impressive collection of ‘normal-type’ Pokémon. Trainers looking to win the Basic Badge must face off with Lenora’s collection, which is more of a challenge than many trainers think.

3. Kilik Rung


Kilik Rung is a meister death weapon master. He uses twin death weapons called Fire and Thunder. He is the ‘top dog’ of the academy but isn’t the real star of the show. We think that the anime universe could use more Fire and Thunder.

4. Agni


Agni is a Brahmin in the anime series Black Butler. Agni and his family were part of a prosperous high caste that served the gods. After living a sinful life, Agni is set to die but is saved by an unexpected counterpart. After becoming partners, the two lead off on extraordinary adventures.

5. Zapp Renfro


Zapp Renfro is an exciting character from the anime series Blood Blockade Battlefront. Zapp is a fighter who is hot-headed and uses his blood for weapons and to charm the ladies. His charisma is clear, and his unique approach to life is unmistakable. Zapp isn’t the main character in the show but is one of the Libra Organization, a group that protects the balance between Earth and the Afterworld.

6. Agil


Agil is a character in the massively popular series Sword Art Online. While not a main character, Agil is one of the best team players in the series. When he isn’t fighting alongside his fellow players, Agil can be found as a humble shopkeeper helping keep his fellow players well outfitted for the days ahead.

7. Canary


Canary is a cute Black character from Hunter x Hunter that everyone loves. Canary is a fearless butler apprentice training for her role in the Zoldyck family. The Zoldyck’s are assassins with a ruthless reputation. But Canary can also be cunning and ruthless in her own ways, as is evidenced when she takes on one hundred henchmen on her own.

8. Coffee


Coffee is an incredible character in Cowboy Bebop, the anime series based on Pam Grier’s ‘blaxploitation’ characters. Coffee is a sassy woman with a fantastic afro and an attitude that can’t be missed. She is a bounty hunter who won’t let anyone stop her. Well, except for maybe her puppy Ein, or her friend Edward. But you’ll have to watch the series to find out more.

9. Bob Makihara


Bob Makihara, or ‘breakdancing Bob’ as he is known on the show, is a member of the Juken Club. Complete with dreadlocks and the quintessential breakdancing style, Bob is ready to throw hands with anyone who messes around with his friends or girlfriend. He also may take on anyone who looks at his girlfriend in a way he doesn’t approve of.

Anime is an interesting genre that has a lot to offer. In our list of 9 Black anime characters who deserve their own series, we cover some of the underrated characters that make anime great. If you’ve never paid attention to these characters before, you will now!

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