Black culture is found in our food, clothes, music, language, art, and much more. However, one unique way many are celebrating black pride is through intricate nail designs. Check out these fantastic nailsets that artists are creating to represent black pride in one of the most creative ways possible.

 1. Ami Vega (@amivnails)

Ami Vega, a freelance nail technician based in NYC, creates great nail art of various black culture symbolism. The Dominican-American artist has designed several nail sets that include the famous black power symbol, an outline of Africa with the continent’s colors, and has painted the famous phrase, “Stay Woke,” on a few of her clients.

2. Annie (@gelhiigh)

Annie combined black pride with Marvel’s hit movie, “Black Panther.” Created back in 2018 when the film premiered, this set is an excellent example of combining fictional and nonfictional black pride symbolism to create a beautiful masterpiece. Annie’s combination of Africa’s colors paired with the black panther makes for a fantastic set of nails that would draw anyone’s attention.

3. Lacquer Lounge (@thelacquerlounge)

In honor of Juneteenth, a nail artist located at Nashville’s Lacquer Lounge painted this fantastic set of nails filled with Black Pride symbolism. The “Black AF” saying and the black fist is painted on white nails accented with gold and orange nails. This set is a great way to celebrate a nationally recognized black holiday across the United States.

4.  Alexis (@dallasalexiaxo)

Miami-based nail artist Alexia created this vibrant set filled with black culture. Alexia incorporates various symbols of Black Pride, which includes the continent of Africa, African patterns, a raised black fist with pink nails, and the quote, “Black by Popular Demand.” This eye-catching set is filled with the utmost love and respect for black culture through detailed nail designs.

5. AKIKO Nails NYC (@akikonails_nyc)

This NYC-based nail salon produced an intricate nail set that represents African culture. The nail artist replicated various patterns that pay homage to the motherland, including beautiful green, orange, and white colors. With matte nail polish, which can create a more subtle look, this unique short set of nails is still an eye-catcher for any onlooker.

6. Laquinta (@nailzbylaquinta)

Created by Austin-based nail technician, Laquinta, this is a rich set of stiletto nails that show love to Black Pride. The nails don replicas of African patterns, the continent of Africa, African art, and the phrases “Black Girl Magic” and “Black by Popular Demand.” It’s no surprise that Laquinta brings in celebrity clientele with unique creations like these nails that emulate Black Pride.

7.  Quisa (@heyquisa)

Nail artist Quisa created a fabulous set for Netflix’s Global Chief Officer, Bozoma Saint John (@badassboz), that shows appreciation for black culture. This set is filled with Black Pride symbolism, including the continent of Africa, a woman donning a headdress, the black power fist, and much more. In addition, this set stands out by including the names of famous black figures, such as Kobe Bryant, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, and Toni Morrison.

8. Confessions Nails (@confessions_nails)

This fantastic Black Pride nail set was created by a freelancing nail artist, Confessions Nails. This stiletto set has a bunch of vibrant colors that represent Black and African culture. The standout nail is black with the word “Black” painted on the middle finger in a graffiti-like style. The bright colors and symbolism in this set are a head-turner and a phenomenal art piece that shows loves to black culture.

9. Moxie Nails (@moxienails)

Nail artist, Mishonna White, created some fierce but sophisticated art with this nail set. With a nude undertone, the vibrant purple glitter paired with the woman in a gorgeous headset makes for a cute set of nails representing Black Pride. With the African patterns included on the ring nail, this is the perfect set for those wanting to represent black culture in a more delicate yet eye-catching manner.

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