If you’ve been watching recent news stories, you may feel no place in America is safe for Black families. Although no place is completely without inequality or injustice, we have researched some of the cities where Black individuals and families are thriving. From job opportunities to cultural representation, these are the 10 best cities for Black families in the U.S.

1. Raleigh, North Carolina – A Great City For Black Families

Located near the northeast part of North Carolina, Raleigh is one of the most diverse cities in the state. There is a low unemployment rate, wonderful job opportunities, and the schools in Raleigh are some of the best.

As for the climate in Raleigh, you can expect four very distinct seasons and temperatures that typically don’t climb above 90°. Perfect right?

For family entertainment, check out some of the museums in Raleigh, like the African American Cultural Complex (AACC) which teaches visitors about the black people’s contributions to the city.

2. Orlando, Florida – One Of The Best Places For African Americans To Live In The World?

Sure, Orlando is known for Disney World and other big theme parks but entertainment options aren’t the only reason it’s a nice play for Black families to live. Orlando has a developing housing market and great job opportunities that aren’t only at Disney World.

The climate in Orlando is pretty warm, as it is in the center of Florida, so that is something to keep in mind. Although you will likely miss having four seasons, at least you won’t ever have to worry about shoveling snow!

Check out the south and east sides of Orlando.

3. Richmond, Virginia – Loved By African Americans

Family fall festivals and summers that are humid but not unbearable, Richmond is a great place for families in general. In the neighborhoods of Richmond like east Chesterfield, Black families can expect safety, prosperity, and adequate representation.

Richmond boasts some of the best schools, both elementary and middle, for children about half of the population is made up of other families.

4. There Are Lots Of Opportunities For A Black Family In Lansing, Michigan

Arguably one of the best places for black families to live in the world. Lansing isn’t just the capital of Michigan, it’s an unsuspecting haven for Black families too.

Named one of the best cities for African Americans, Lansing is a community that doesn’t just talk diversity, it embraces it.

On top of that, Lansing’s unemployment rate is currently at its lowest in 15 years and hundreds of thousands of new jobs have been created for the city in recent years. If you’re looking to move here, it’s important to note that Lansing is much smaller than any of the other cities discussed on this list.

This makes it great for families that are looking for a smaller environment while still enjoying a variety of entertainment options like parks, museums, and zoos.

5. San Antonio, Texas Is Surprisingly Diverse

San Antonio is home of the Alamo,  the battle that revolutionized the state of Texas, but it is also a good place for Black families to live in. As one of the biggest cities in the United States, San Antonio is very diverse.

While many of the families are of Hispanic origin, there are also Black families living there and benefiting from the cost of living and quality of life. With such close proximity to and history coming from Mexico, San Antonio is full of Hispanic-influenced food, music and buildings that reflect its heritage.

San Antonio is also full of military families as there are several bases in the surrounding areas. One thing you don’t have to worry about here is entertainment. San Antonio is a major hub for all kinds of festivals, typically hosting over 50 big events each year.

6. Washington, D.C. Values Black Culture

The land of politics, famous monuments, and springtime cherry blossom tree festivals is also one of the most thriving places for Black families in America. The capital of the United States, D.C. may seem like it’s only about policies and laws but it’s another top place for Black families to live.

Although the unemployment rate is only slightly lower than the national average, DC’s employment opportunities are very much alive, making it an excellent competitor with cities of similar sizes. Many are employed by the government but there are also a lot of opportunities in the health and education fields.

The cost of living in D.C. can be very expensive compared to other cities, so that is something to keep in mind. For entertainment, you can take your family on historic tours or drive out to the mountains in Virginia nearby.

7. San Diego, California

Looking to move closer to the west coast? You may want to consider San Diego. At first glance, it may seem like another touristy California city but it’s actually one of the best for Black families.

With so many people from different walks of life, San Diego’s diversify scene is alive and well. Did we mention that the weather is nearly perfect, year-round?

The only thing a family may want to take into account regarding this beautiful city the cost of living, which is well above the national average. Annual housing costs, for example, are nearly double the national average.

8. Columbus, Ohio – Cold Winters But Otherwise A Good City For Young Black Families

With a population of nearly 2 million, Columbus is a pretty large city. On our list because of the overall quality of life it offers, Columbus is ideal for big and small families alike.

Enjoy the multitude of parks around the city or cheer on the Ohio State University Buckeyes with your family at a football game in the fall.

Columbus is great for those living on a budget because the cost of living and housing costs are both lower than many other cities of its size. Be prepared for the winters though as temperatures can easily drop down to the negatives.

9. Dallas, Texas

If you’re looking for a city that offers the best of both worlds, Dallas is it. This city is a great mix of the hustle and bustle of city life and the charming quiet and calm of the suburbs. Although Dallas is another huge city, the cost of living is incomparable to other cities. In fact, the cost of living is even lower than the national average.

Whether you’re a family looking to rent or own a home in the area, this is the place to start looking. The summer temperatures are reflective of the heat of Texas but the appreciation of diversity will make you want to stay forever.

10. African American and Caribbean Families, How About Seattle, Washington?

We promise it doesn’t always rain in Seattle. Just pretty often. On the upside though, Seattle is another U.S. city where Black families are doing well economically and socially.

Aside from all of the popular and touristy things like Pike’s Place Market, Seattle’s unemployment rate and job market are booming. Additionally, Seattle has many beautiful places like Mount Rainier for family-fun weekend trips and entertainment.

The location of Seattle near the Pacific Coast also makes it perfect for the freshest seafood around!

We’ve gathered these cities based on economic equality, livability, and family-friendly activities. Whether you’ve just accepted a new job in one of these places or you just want to move your family to a better place, these 10 cities are great for Black families to live in America. Do you live in any of these cities?

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