Mos Def once said that Hip-Hop or Rap music reflects the state of mind the people are in, what does Hip-Hop/Rap say about us now?

The real question should be, are these artists expressing the real conditions of their environment or are they creating a false reality based on what is in demand?

It seems like every new song that gains notoriety in the Hip-Hop world is a melodic manifestation of absolute destruction. I’m aware there are many artists in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre that DO speak life, love, and revolution. My point is they are severely outnumbered by the artists spreading death and self-destruction.

Typically, the prerequisite for a ‘poppin’ song nowadays is:

  • someone (probably black) must be murdered for the slightest confrontation.
  • someone (probably black) must have sex with someone else’s (probably black) significant other.
  • someone (probably black) must steal someone’s (probably black) money or property.
  • someone (probably black) must avoid any healthy or constructive method of gaining a livable income.
  • someone (probably black) must be completely intoxicated at all times and under no circumstances is sobriety acceptable or favorable.

Who decided this was the best kind of music black people should be making and promoting? I’ll tell you who, the system of white supremacy.

That system creates an environment that encourages the youth to create self-destructive music by offering lucrative opportunities to those who follow the program.

We are literally being massively rewarded for broadcasting words and imagery that promote the genocide of the black nation. We are being paid to destroy our own minds.

Making positive, powerful, enlightening, revolutionary music for the black community (particularly) in America is not a profitable venture.

The powers that be must have realized that the music of previous generations, that promoted self-love and cultural integrity, was dangerous for the system of white supremacy which aims to dominate all people of known the universe in all areas of people activity.

It is a lot harder to dominate people that value themselves and are equipped with an ingrained obligation to the betterment of their community.

So in order for the system of white supremacy to continue its campaign for world domination, it became absolutely necessary to ruin the “black is beautiful” self-image we had as a collective and replace it with a destructive desire to be “niggas” and “bitches”.

We fell for the scam following the trend (which they control) and the money (which they control).

We have to regain control of our culture, our people and our minds. At some point, we have to choose the future of our nation over the white man’s money.

So what if record labels are paying top dollar for black artists to spew destructive non-sense. So what if videos promoting black on black crime, drug usage, and the complete degradation of the black woman are what goes viral. So what if you won’t get invited to clubs anymore because you speak life and instead of death.

It all comes down to a simple question…

Are you willing to participate in the genocide of Black America by helping destroy the moral fabric of an already brutalized and recovering nation for a few inflated dollars, simultaneously becoming an active participant of the system of white supremacy?

We have the power to change it all if we can resist the temptation to sellout our nation.

Bring back, self-love. Bring back knowledge. Bring back the revolution.

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