Black Animated Characters

Many people who keep up with various films and TV shows are likely aware of animated series. However, in a world where many characters are white, the following black animated characters may not be as well-known or recognized. Black animated characters are absolutely critical in providing representation, especially for black people who watch and enjoy various animated works.

1. Lana Kane from “Archer

As a character from the 2009 animated adult sitcom, Lana Kane was fierce and a force to be reckoned with. Lana came from two college professors who were very adamant in their determination for her to succeed and make something of herself. Personality-wise, Lana was strong-willed and unafraid to take on people who messed with her. She was also very sharp, something evidenced by her work as an intelligence agent.

2. Keesha Franklin from “The Magic School Bus

Similarly to Lana Kane, Keesha Franklin is another one of the black animated characters which we are proud to add to our list. Keesha was ambitious, intelligent, and inquisitive. Throughout her time on The Magic School Bus, Keesha managed to outsmart other characters who were up to no good and presented different interesting ideas to her peers. Keesha was also very level-headed and aware of the world.

3. Monique from “Kim Possible

Monique earned her place on this list of black animated characters due to her warm heart, intellect, and no-nonsense attitude. During her appearances on Kim Possible, Monique always gave great advice and called out people for their flaws when necessary. This was particularly common during her interactions with Ron Stoppable. All in all, Monique served as an excellent black representation during her time on the animated series.

4. Susie Carmichael from “Rugrats

As a recurring Rugrats character, Susie made it on our list of black animated characters due to her energy and wisdom. As a matter of fact, Susie was respected for her knowledge and frequently provided advice to other characters who were less aware of various matters. She also expressed interest in the arts, seeing as some of her favorite hobbies including singing and dancing. Moreover, Susie was not afraid to stand up for herself when other characters attempted to do wrong by her.

5. Gerald Johanssen from “Hey Arnold

Throughout his time on “Hey Arnold,” Gerald Johanssen was between the ages of nine and eleven years old; this makes him one of the youngest black animated characters to make this list. Nevertheless, age does not detract from the positive black representation which Gerald brought to the animated TV series. In addition to being close with his family, Gerald also played the violin, played the piano, and earned respect from other characters due to his intelligence.

6. Valerie Brown from “Josie and the Pussycats

Valerie is known as a band member on “Josie and the Pussycats.” Her intelligence, musical talents, and trademark rock band suit are only some of the reasons why we’re proud to include Valerie on our list of amazing, black animated characters. When Valerie wasn’t making music with the other two members of her band, she participating in taking down bad guys and solving various mysteries. As the only black lead on the animated series, Valerie is yet another example of favorable black representation.

7. Gaia from “Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Powerful, formidable, and regal are each applicable words for Gaia; this is why we are so proud to have her on our list of black animated characters. During her time on Captain Planet and Planeteers, Gaia demonstrated a capacity for kindness, intelligence, and defense of others when necessary. Her character was also immortal and in possession of several superhuman abilities, such as control over the weather, healing wounds, teleportation, and more.

Keep Your Eyes Open for More Black Animated Characters!

There has always been a demand for animated television shows and movies. While the demand is not inherently wrong, it’s important to ensure that these programs are not too white. Black viewers also observe various animated shows and there needs to be a positive representation for black people and black children to see.

All in all, there is still a ways to go regarding the achievement of equal black representation in the media. However, by acknowledging and highlighting existing examples of positive black characters, we can then begin to increase levels of representation.

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