Weight loss and overall fitness are always going to be hot topics in our world that are becoming more health-conscious every day. Whether you’re trying to drop those last few pesky pounds or you’re just starting out on a fitness journey, it’s sometimes hard to realize that the things we drink can do just as much harm as the bad things we eat. Find out more about the best drinks for you to indulge in when you’re doing some intense training!


Water is always going to be the most beneficial beverage out there for you to sip on. Being that our bodies are made up of mostly water, it’s a no-brainer that water keeps our levels balanced and our body systems in the highest of functioning order. It’s also calorie-free and adding fruit like lemon, lime or orange slices, cucumber or strawberry can infuse useful vitamins and delicious flavor into your water without compromising the health benefits you’ll attain. It’s important to drink as many glasses as you can throughout your day to stay properly hydrated, especially if you’ve got a great workout on the way.

Green Tea

Green tea straight up (with no additives, sugar or sweeteners) is another one of those deliciously healthy, calorie-free drinks. Sipping on a nice hot green tea instead of an expensive coffee drink in the morning will jumpstart your metabolism with the help of catechins and get your gears going for a busy day. And when your metabolism is revved up the right way, you’ll be burning off those fats and calories most efficiently.

Vegetable Juice

Great vegetable juice is always a winning option, no matter what time of day or night. You just can’t beat the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that come packed in a homemade veggie juice and there are endless combinations that you can come up with to create a beverage that speaks to your own personal palette. It’s also important to remember to drink your fresh, homemade juice as soon as possible to get the best results. If you don’t own a juicer or blender yet, it would be in your best interest to invest in one: the store-bought juice options deplete most of the natural benefits by adding in unnecessary preservatives and sugars.

Fruit Juice

Homemade fruit juice is also good so long as you stick to simple, natural ingredients. Come up with your own fruit and vegetable juice fusions to get a satisfying blend of savory and sweet!

As long as you’re making it a point to stay away from oversaturated diet shakes, energy drinks, and sodas, you should be in the clear: you never want to drink empty calories that you could have eaten instead! Make sure to carefully check the labels and ingredient lists at your local grocery stores before you buy and whenever possible, make a drink at home or chug some water. Your body will thank you and it will become much easier for you to drop those pounds!

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